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I have had a lot of different Martial Arts teachers over the last 22 years. Many teachers don't show you the practical applications and implications of it's techniques. Most want you to stay for years, so hold back the gold. Meaning if ever you need to use the techniques, you would be severely disadvantaged. Some, teachers would face the front demonstrating and not doing much in the way of corrections. I saw people who attended for years but clearly still couldn't punch correctly or be able to use it in a fight.

Under COVID-19 Lock-down, I found Leo. I was very reluctant to do a virtual Zoom class as I didn't believe the teacher would be able to correct me properly. How wrong was I? This teacher is BRILLIANT. He is so knowledgeable and shares it freely. He explains things well and is very observant to make sure you do things properly. The power is in correct form. I would like to say I am delighted with Leo's Hung Gar class and will look to continue training with him on a longer term basis when everything has calmed down a little.

Now I see why he's a Martial Arts advisor for so many films. He really lives and breathes this stuff.

Overall, he is one of the best teachers I've ever met and it is a privilege to train with him. If you get the opportunity to learn from him. Go for it!

Darren Starr

I have the pleasure to be instructed by Sifu Leo and other seniors, from the start you can tell how much passion and devotion is put in his lessons they have patience and they always answers any questions.

The class members are easy to practice with and respect each other making it easy to learn.I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to learn self defence or looking to learn an form of art that’s beneficial to mid, body and soul.

Alexandru Zugravu

Sifu Leo is a brilliant teacher with great humour. He explains every move in detail so you obtain clarity and understanding on how to perform them yourself. The class and students individually are very welcoming and even though i have been going for only several lessons now, i already feel part of the school.

Looking forward to learning more at each class and fully absorbing myself in Chinese Kung Fu, Wing Chun. John B.

Master Leo Au Yeung is a very skilled and dedicated teacher of Internal Wing Chun.

I went to Sifu's Internal Wing Chun Seminar on Saturday 15th December 2018 and it was amazing, the time flew and I learnt about Chi and Internal Chinese Kung fu. This was especially useful as I have only recently joined the school and the Seminar has helped me to hone in on a number of elements to help me improve and provide me with a deeper understanding.

I learnt more about what internal Wing Chun is, how to interpret signs from your opponent and the constant flow and expansion of energy which is quite infectious.

The transparent syllabus is very helpful and consisted on the day of learning the core skills of level 1:

(1.) Holding / Rooting, taking pressure on the body, (2.) Using the body to take pressure on the arms, (3.) Generating upward energy from the body (floating) (4.) Generating downward energy (sinking).

The Seminar explained how to generate energy, working the body altogether, understanding body mechanics, relaxing the body, effective breathing techniques and using your core effectively, and how tendons play a key role. How to identify tension in an opponent immediately upon contact, and then uplifting them using the floating technique.

The other students are very accommodating and encourage progression, and the feeling of comradery is great and welcoming.

I could go on as the Seminar and lessons are quite unique and amazing, come see for your self.

John B.

John Briffa

Sifu Leo is skilful and always ready to help. He really cares about his students. I am deeply enjoying his classes which are full of technique, practice, Kung Fu philosophy & mutual respect!

Katerina Skálova

Lessons are easy to understand, I never leave a lesson without learning something new, to improve myself. Sifu Leo is a great teacher and proves logic in fighting, definitely recommend.

Fei Lee

I have been training with Sifu Leo for approx 3 years, he is an incredibly talented martial artist and teacher. He has given me the opportunity to travel around the world with him and meet many different Wing Chun and Kung Fu Schools. He has encourage me to practice hard and to improve myself as a martial artist. He is a forward thinking instructor and constantly developing and improving his internal style of Wing Chun. He has studied many different Martial Arts and Fighting Styles and adds his knowledge and understanding of these to help improve the Wing Chun he teaches. I feel very lucky to have found a Sifu with his ability and I am grateful for his attention to helping me develop as an individual and Martial Artist. Sifu Leo is conveniently located in central London and I would encourage anyone that is interested in Wing Chun to visit his school. It is not easy to find someone this talented and experienced.


Cool teacher that is always happy to show you awesome kung fu techniques, and answer any questions you have about self-defense and fighting. The best part is the very open learning environment. Everyone is friendly and happy to talk about techniques and theory.

Nicolino Leung

I had a private training session with Sifu Leo when I visited London in May. I'm an experienced martial artist, and was blown away by Sifu's combination of positive energy, excellent communication skills, and intuitive understanding of how the body functions. He diagnosed the issues within my structure instantly, and then taught me how to get better aligned. I cannot recommend him more highly, as Sifu is a world class Kung Fu master, and a super-cool guy as well.

Jonathan Blaustein

Sifu has an amazing and unique style. I trained with him for almost 2 years before I moved to China to study inside the Shaolin Temple. His internal style of Chi Sao is so useful, especially against external styles. We also practice Wing Chun inside the Temple and 90% of the time I always have the advantage thanks to Sifu Leo’s relaxed and internal style. I was also able to beat some of my senior wing chun classmates, with some up to 10 years experience with Internal Chi Sao.

I recommend that you train with Sifu as not only his style is unique and useful. But, he is a great teacher.

I miss training in his classes!

Jamie Doody

Sifu Leo is a true master who shares his journey and devotion in Martial Arts with all who are eager to learn.

Bora Bekir

Wing chun at its best. Sifu Leo is extremely skilled and makes a huge effort to teach his students. Very friendly environment. A really great place to train and improve!

Fabio Zani

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