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Uzi Khan

Uzi Khan started training Wing Chun under Master Leo Au Yeung in early 2015, attending regularly and doing private lessons for extra training. He began the journey training with Jan De Jong Martial Arts in 2009 in Japanese Jujutsu, Kenjutsu and Indonesian Pencak Silat, grading highly to 2nd Kyu for Jujutsu before starting Kung Fu. Like Sifu Leo Au Yeung, he believes in pressure testing and realistic concepts of fighting for self-defence. Although he trains mainly with Sifu Leo Au Yeung, he keeps cross-training his whole skill set, including Boxing, Silat, Jujutsu and MMA; seeking constant improvement while enjoying the martial arts culture and respect for others.

Uzi also trains stage combat with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC) and has an Advanced Fight Performer certificate. He was studying English and Drama when he began Japanese and Indonesian martial arts seeing that it could complement some of the content, especially when doing cross cultural interpretation. The training for both was separate until he started with the BADC in 2013 where many performers were cross training in Wing Chun and after some exposure to the esoteric art, he sought out Master Leo Au Yeung in early 2015 to begin this amazing journey into kung fu. Furthermore, as Sifu has experience with the IP Man films, when he is often called to work with other film and TV productions, Uzi has been fortunate enough to assist and learn while helping out where he can.

When the time came to assist Master Leo Au Yeung in the classes, they had already had many hours training both in class and privately to ensure that the students would be receiving the right assistance in the school syllabus. There is a lot of detail in the path of Wing Chun and everything has to be added progressively, each skill building upon the next to complete the picture. It was important to take the time to be able to recognise mistakes to correct, and refine the skills to a level of a qualified assistant.

Today the knowledge in kung fu has helped Uzi become a more complete individual taking the philosophy into living life and building a work ethic. Also, he firmly believes each new skill set helps you learn the next thing better and revise what came before, enriching other knowledge, so anyone from any background of any level would greatly benefit from training with us.

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