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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!



Our Internal Wing Chun online shop is just opened

First of all, I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and happy new year. I hope next year would be a better year and we all can meet up and train again. 

This month we got our online shop open, we have re-designed the 'Ip man' T-shirt in V neck, as well as the new design 'Internal Wing Chun' t-shirt. In addition, we also got all the new design boxing glove, MMA gloves and focus mitts ready for purchase. From now on you can buy all your training gear online, and I am sure they will be a good additional tool for you to step up your training.

We are doing a special discount for all our students, if you made your order before the 31 January, you will receive a free facemask and all the postage is on us. 

  New design T-shirt


Leo Chinese Kung Fu Internal Training APP !!!


During the first lockdown, I have been thinking of a way to help my students to learn in the future even they cannot come to the class.
I have used most of my lockdown period this year to design and record this training App. The purpose of this App is to help and motivate all my students to train at home in this difficult time, and it also provides additional information for all my student if they want to learn more about internal Wing Chun after class.

I have made three categories in this App, they are Fitness, Traditional Wing Chun and Internal Chi Kung training. 
Students can choose and pick the area(s) they would like to train and to create their own training programme.  
In order to say thank you for your support this year, I will make the App free to download until the end of January and if I find students find it useful then I will add more content on a monthly basis  
You can check them out on our Website https://chinesekungfu.co.uk/get-the-app   


SiFu Leo in Action !!

SiFu Leo X Warrior Collective on youtube

We have done a wooden dummy application video with Warrior Collective. Warrior Collective is a youtube channel who specialize on making mix martial arts video on youtube and have over 100k subscribers on youtube. We have made about 6 videos together and this is the first one had been released.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

Finally, last but not least obviously it has been a rough year for all us, I am so appreciated that you stay with us and support our school. I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you and hopefully you will find the training App useful.
I am looking forward to seeing you in the class soon.


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