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May Newsletter


Online Zoom Class is doing well  

Our Live Online Classes are available on Zoom every Wednesday and Friday at 19:00.

The benefit of the zoom class :

  • Live coaching by Master Leo
  • Students can ask questions in real-time.
  • Students can see each other and learn from each other.
  • You can learn discipline and improve your fitness.

Wing Chun Class (Wednesday)
We usually do stepping, punching, kicking, and different combinations as a warm-up. Then we will focus to explain 1-2 internal movement to practice, at the end we will go through the second form 'Chum Kiu' and its application.

Fitness and Sparring class (Friday)
We will focus more on fitness and sparring techniques on every Friday class. Most of our students are making good progress on punches and i would like to see everyone fit and healthy after the lockdown.  

If you are interested, you are welcome to join us https://chinesekungfu.co.uk/classes/Wing-Chun-Kung-Fu 

Toilet roll challenge video 

Thanks for everyone who anticipated in our Toilet roll challenge video. At least we still can have some fun during this difficult time. Well done everyone !!   

Keep Training and Keep Improving 

You are welcome to send your training video to me and I will give you feedback on how to improve. 
You can share your video via WhatsApp or Facebook. 
In this video, I am practicing straight and hook punching at the park. There are still a lot of training we can do even we are not in the class.

Potential Reopening Class open on July

If the situation allows, we may consider to re-open our class in July.
We may do our lesson at the park at fist and start with weapons training (eg wing chun pole and knife), in order to keep the social distance. We will announce more information when the time comes closer.  
Here are the pole and knife you may want to buy for training 




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