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We help you find your beauty inside out! We aim to help you achieve your goal and build self-confidence like never before!


Our Health and weight management programme is about staying HEALTHY from the inside out. Health is our Number 1 priority! We often think that our mental and physical health as separate elements. In fact, our mental health and physical health interconnect. They work with one another to keep us healthy.

Most of you probably think weight loss requires a "strict diet" or "eating less" and have trouble maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the longer run. So often, many of you are determined to start a weight loss plan but give up because it's too hard to maintain. In fact, it is all about Balance in your lifestyle and routine!


According to the Chinese Ying Yang and Balance Philosophy, BALANCE requires the coordination of both mind and body. Our approach uses Chinese Kung Fu to keep you physically active. Our health and weight management programme is designed to offer the most comprehensive and unique solutions specifically for you. We will provide step-by-step guidance to build a strong mentality to achieve your goals.  



Our consultant, Caylyn Chang, has a degree in Medicine before pursuing her further studies in Criminology with psychology and Business Psychology in the UK. 

She has previously helped clients who suffered from severe obesity for many years. Like many, they’ve tried many ways- from strict diets to seeking medical advice, but nothing worked in the longer run. Until she guided them with the Ying Yang balance concept, they had successfully achieved a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In the most successful case, she was able to help a client lose 61kg in 18 months through this approach. 




  • Helping you find your balanced diet that best fits your lifestyle 
  • Vitamins, supplements & beauty products to boost energy levels (all vegan & clinically proven)
  • Gain self-confidence & self-love 
  • Healthy & Balance lifestyle 
  • Provide guidance on your exercise 

Membership Includes:

  • First Initial Consultation
  • Free Start-Up Kit


Chinese Kung Fu Training + £50/month (2 sessions: 30 Mins/session via Zoom)


Health and Weight Management Consultation ONLY = £70/month  (2 sessions: 30 Mins/session via Zoom)


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