Kids Martial Arts in London

Junior Class Age 6-13 >>> COMING SOON!!!

Are you having difficulties deciding what's best for your kid? As your child is moving into their teenage years, things can be pretty challenging! Many different things call for your child's attention and shape how your child thinks about the world. Their environment can heavily impact their physical and mental well-being as they progress throughout childhood.

This is why Leo Chinese Kung Fu is your best choice! We offer one of London's best and most authentic Chinese Martial Arts institutes. Our junior classes are fun, exciting, and challenging! Most importantly, children will learn to have essential life lessons and the core character skills that we all depend on every day that leads to success:

Right attitude and behaviour
Positive character
Ability to stay motivated
Tools to respect each other

What can you expect from our Junior Class?

This program aims to provide children ages 6-13 with a safe and healthy environment where they can stay physically active whilst learning to focus on increasing their concentration.

Our classes focus on body coordination, pad, and footwork, but we aim to teach your child the most fundamental self-defence technique and skills to cope in real-life situations. Ultimately, this will prevent or improve a child from self-doubt or low self-confidence. Being able to stand up and protect themselves could prevent them from physical and psychological issues.

At Leo Chinese Kung Fu Institute, we're helping children of all background and fitness levels find confidence by allowing them to learn and develop at their own pace. We maintain a safe and supportive facility where egos and intimidation are never a factor. 

One of the best parts of our Kids Martial Arts program here in London is the fact that we are dedicated to serving students all across our community. We work with all ages and all skill levels and we build our students up one step at a time.

We're proud to help teens here in London take on:

  • Improved body control and athleticism
  • Proven bully prevention skills and self-defence skills
  • Increase self-defence skills
  • Well-rounded strength, speed and agility
  • Unwavering confidence in all aspect of life

Our junior classes surround students with positive role models and give them a chance to feel great about every single accomplishment.


Your child will have the chance to develop:
  • Effective communication skills
  • Proven conflict resolution strategies
  • An improved learning process
  • Patience and proven critical thinking tools

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