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Adult Martial Arts Classes in Central London Are Where Self-Defence Meets Fitness!

Our Adult Martial Arts classes are more than just fitness. Integrating Wing Chun with Chinese kickboxing will help you improve every aspect of your life, making you an all-rounder in martial arts. The short-range in Wing Chun and the long-range in Chinese kickboxing provide more tactical and comprehensive skills in martial arts. What we teach at Leo Wing Chung Chinese Kung Fu has real benefits. From improving fitness levels to reducing stress and learning practical self-defence skills, you’ll gain confidence to help you thrive. Our academy welcomes anyone who wishes to join our community regardless of fitness level, race, age, gender, and religion!

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What Makes Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Different?

Our unique programme is designed to integrate Wing Chun with Chinese kickboxing. The progressive and transparent syllabus that Master Au Yeung professionally coaches is what differentiates from the traditional Chinese martial arts. Our internal Wing Chun holds three levels: holding, redirecting and energy transfer, whilst Chinese kickboxing combines different tactical skills and concepts inspired by boxing, muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We believe that this combination is an all-rounded approach for students to learn as it focuses on attack and defence from short and long ranges. These techniques are extremely practical, and students are taught how to apply the skills and tactics in real-life situations.


Other Benefits:

  • A sustainable workout routine to help weight loss and build muscle
  • Personalised guidance from experienced martial artists
  • Self-defence skills to protect yourself and your loved ones
  • An encouraging, uplifting community to support you 

Have you tried working out yet struggled to stay motivated? Or did you want to get results but lack the encouragement, community support and resources to stay on track? Our academy can help you achieve your goals!

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Training at Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu will offer you everything from reduced stress in your everyday life to greater energy. Our Adult Martial Arts classes are about more than just fitness. They're about connecting with our London community, about living a better and healthier life, and about learning self-defence. We want adults to enjoy the many health benefits that come with Wing Chun and empower themselves with the skills to thrive in an increasingly competitive world!

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Leo Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu proudly caters to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. If you're interested in our Adult Martial Arts programme but you have concerns or reservations, feel free to speak with one of our caring instructors about how we can help you connect with Wing Chun Chinese Kung Fu! We offer the highest quality and most inclusive martial arts programme in the London area, and we'd be proud to have you.

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